Vastu Tips Health

Vastu Tips Health – Health is the first and most important thing for every person. We all try to follow a healthy regimen, a balanced diet and enroll in gyms and fitness centers to keep our bodies and minds fit and healthy. But there are more things we need to focus on to stay fit and healthy Vastu Shastra plays an important role in a person’s health We cannot ignore the influence of these aspects and energies on our body So ​​this amazing science has certain principles given that everyone should follow while building his home and otherwise to enjoy well-being.

Here are some Vastu suggestions mentioned in terms of health to help you achieve a healthy mind and body. should focus on Vastu as many health problems are related to Vastu dosha or defects. With the help of these guidelines, you can focus on these issues and ensure better health for your family

Vastu Tips Health

Vastu Tips Health

All these points are very effective in maintaining the physical health of all the people living in the house Use these Vastu tips in your home to enjoy health and fitness

Vastu Tips For Your New Home

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Simple Vastu Tips To Promote Good Health

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Vastu Tips Health

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Vastu Shastra Infographic Tips

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Vastu Shastra Tips For Money Happiness Health Prosperity Dhan Labh Ke Upay

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These are tough times for all of us With the constant fear of health risks and the uncertainty of the economy directly affecting an individual’s source of income, it can be very difficult. Humans are social animals, maintaining social distancing and working alone in cities without a nuclear family or any other support system are at high risk of mental and emotional problems. Here are some tips from holistic expert Dr. Raviraj Ahirao who can help you maintain a healthy balance at home.

Vastu Tips Health

A major defect in the northeast region of the home leads directly to mental instability To eliminate this threat, it is important to keep the northeast area clean and free of clutter The presence of toilets, septic tanks, heavy storage or a garbage cans should be avoided. On the other hand, having a water element, living room, bathroom or God’s abode makes NE positive and healthy. read more

Vastu Tips For Financial Stability, Better Health And Prosperity

Excessive expansion in the Northwest and Southeast can lead to contraction or severe austerity in the Northeast, leading to depression and depression. read more

Having a water element in the southeastern region that actually represents the fire element can disrupt peace of mind. read more

The right Vastu in the south of a house contributes to the tranquility and confidence of the resident Red in the south increases the comfort level Read more

The southwestern region of the house is an important region for mental stability It provides stability, leadership and alertness that can be achieved by having a master bedroom in this area Read more

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A Region of Western Depression in the Northwest The presence of a bedroom in this area or prolonged exposure can lead to a series of disturbances that eventually lead to frustration and depression. read more

Presence of God’s abode in the south or southwest creates obstacles in all situations of life that lead to mental disorders. However, by immediately moving it to the Northeast region, all hurdles can be removed. read more

If the southwest side of the house faces the living room of blue color, light structure or access to the toilet, depression and depression may also appear. read moreVastu tips for good health COM Last updated on July 11, 2021, 09:00 ISTShare fbsharetwsharepinshare Comments (0)

Vastu Tips Health

We all believe in the saying “Health is wealth”. If you are not healthy physically and mentally, it will weaken you and hinder your professional life Even after a slight headache we want to go home to rest However, we often forget that our environment plays an important role in shaping our mental and physical health . Vastu is the bridge between the natural environment and ours. Vastu consists of all five elements of nature and balances them in our home for a better and safer life. Sometimes the color on the walls can also affect a person’s health; To stay healthy and wealthy, here are some Vastu tips – Ridmore

Do Not Sleep And Keep Your Legs In This Direction Get Bad Effect On Health Rp –

1. Always light a lamp or candle in the northeast direction of your home If you light them on your front door or main gate, make sure they are facing out 2. When working or studying, look north or east to reduce stress and avoid fear. 3. Do not build toilets or stairs in the northeast direction of your house. If your bathroom is in this direction, it will result in ill health and lack of money 4. Do not place a mirror in front of your front door

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