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Tips Health Coaching – As you start your health consulting business, take some time to follow these 6 simple tips.

Before you start teaching others, you need to be trained and knowledgeable about all things health, nutrition, and general health questions. In a successful business there are different customers who need different training. To help these clients, you need to educate yourself on health across cultures and ages to create a personal plan. It’s more than just building your own fitness routine, you need a personalized diet, supplement plan and support network. If you don’t have formal education in health or fitness, you should try to find a successful business where you can help or intern.

Tips Health Coaching

Tips Health Coaching

It’s easy. If you are not passionate about health and helping others, you will not be successful. Just knowing the subject you are studying is not enough. Customers will know when they read that you are impatient or resentful of their needs. Your customers will be talking about you, so don’t give them anything bad to say.

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In addition, you will have a group of customers. Some want to lose 100 pounds, some want to gain muscle, and some want a plan to increase safety and fitness. Of course, each problem must be solved in a separate program.

This plan should match the health plan you offer to each customer. Considering how much they exercise, what their goals are, and don’t forget what makes your customers happy, will help you develop the right meal plan.

Even on a strict diet there will be many nutrients that your client needs and lacks. All bodies are not the same. Some bodies are unable to metabolize certain vitamins and nutrients, others are severely affected by even the slightest change. Recommending supplements is a good idea and helps some of your smart customers achieve their goals, faster. This is where your business acumen comes in. As a health coach you can send your clients to the store and get all their supplements, or you can private label your own line and re-invigorate your brand. This allows you to show your customers that you really know your stuff. Boli Naturals is an example of a company that can easily help you start your own supplement brand.

Last but not least, a client will not trust a coach who does not take their advice. Be careful about the lifestyle you teach your clients to live. Convince your customers that their new lifestyle is truly possible. This post contains affiliate links, where we may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase, at no cost to you. We only offer products or services that we personally use and recommend!

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In my experience, the qualities that improve health educators in health education (empathy, willingness to help others) we are not good at selling and promoting ourselves. 😅

When I finished my health education degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I started building my health education business… I

” I did not want to impose my business, my ideas or my service on anyone.

Tips Health Coaching

Fast forward a few years and I can tell you: without marketing, you have no business. (And this

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Marketing your health consulting services clearly and effectively to your target audience is one of the most important aspects of growing a successful health consulting business.

While online marketing and referrals can be a great choice for local marketing and personal business scenarios, here’s an approach I’ve found to be more effective for marketing health coaching programs and services. :

Let’s talk about each step of this equation and how it can help you increase the number of interested customers for your health coaching or health business:

There are three main steps that work together to market your health coaching business and build a targeted audience of interested, potential customers for you: blogging (content creation), Pinterest (content marketing), and e-mail (email list growth and management). Here’s what to know about each step of the process:

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So, your first step in marketing your healthcare business is to develop blog content on topics related to your healthcare practice and areas of expertise.

If you’re a general health coach, you’ll want to cover a variety of topics considering the range of areas you work in: nutrition, exercise, psychology, etc. If your practice is related to weight loss or women’s health, I would like your blog content to focus on those specific areas.

It’s important that your blog content is relevant (and interesting!) to your target audience—the “ideal customer” you’re hoping to attract to buy your business services.

Tips Health Coaching

Your Health Coaching Services! And, in particular, anything related to the health consulting services or health programs/products you offer.

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The goal of your health blog is to create content that is relevant and useful to the exact people you want to reach and sell your health coaching services to.

There is no magic number of blog posts you need to start a successful content marketing strategy (and, the best number for your specific needs depends on the topics you want to cover on your blog, how long and including details of your posts, etc.).

That said, for most new health coaches, start with at least six basic blog posts for the next step to take action.

And im for 1,000 – 1,500 words. Length is important with content (and will help build significant SEO for your website), but be digestible enough so that your readers don’t burn out before they get to your valuable content. in your call-to-action or option. .

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We really are! Here is a full post on how to attract your best health practitioners with your blog content.

Okay, so you’ve got at least six health-related blog posts you’re ready to publish! The next step is to share them on Pinterest.

Pinterest is, hands down, the best social platform for selling content. It’s more of a search engine than a true social network, and your content doesn’t lose or become irrelevant over time—it’s sure to keep growing and gaining traction with more and more people. view and share (eg “pin”) it. their own website.

Tips Health Coaching

For new businesses, especially those in the health and wellness industry, this is an invaluable resource for increasing your online traffic.

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To start marketing with Pinterest, you’ll want to sign up for a free Pinterest business account. It gives you the ability to:

Once you’ve set up your Pinterest business account page, the next step is to create branded pins to promote your health blog posts, and add those pins (with detailed, keyword-rich descriptions) to relevant Pinterest boards.

For more details (and some helpful tips!) on each step of this process, we have a full post on using Pinterest to promote your health blog content. But at first glance, here’s why:

Create custom pins to describe and promote each of your health blog posts. You need design software for this—I recommend Canva, it’s super easy to use (and even offers a free design!). Aim to create 2-4 unique pins for each blog post. You can see examples of our branded pins on our Pinterest account.

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For each pin, write a descriptive, meaningful word. Don’t copy your blog post, get caught up with the Rich Pin content you used, but write a new text to go with your pin, explain what it means, and help the Pinterest algorithm do the quests well.

You can upload your pins directly to Pinterest… or you can use a scheduling tool that allows you to upload them in bulk, while scheduling them to be published on all time (better from a practical and algorithmic point of view). We use and recommend a Pinterest organizing tool called Tailwind. Upload your pins to relevant boards—your own boards, as well as community boards you join.

And voilà! Now you have branded pins, linked to your blog posts, making the rounds on Pinterest and driving traffic to your health coaching website.

Tips Health Coaching

Once you start sharing your health blog content through Pinterest, you’ll start getting more traffic from it.

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When new visitors come to your health education website from Pinterest (via blog posts you’ve published), make sure you have a way for them to “connect in a moment” and continue interacting. in your business. Well, give them a chance (or

In some cases, people like your content so much that they want to sign up for your email list without a special offer. But often, visitors might not jump at the idea of ​​joining yet another email list – but they’d rather find a useful piece of content that you have to offer.

) to encourage those visitors to stay longer and enjoy what matters

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